About Me

Hello Gorgeous!

I’m Lauren, an easy going, laid back FBomb kind of mom. I’ve been told I’m a mixture of punk and country, It’s accurate I won’t deny it!! That’s probably why my favorite wall in the studio is a little off center and punk meets country. I’ve been a stylist for 16+ years where I found my passion is all things color but not limited to. I hope to show you I have a few services I’m pretty good at. You’ll quickly notice that I love to talk and laugh. I don’t care if we talk about life or laugh at the chaos around us just as long as we’re having fun and enjoying the time we’re sharing together.

While in beauty school I met my so-called husband, we’ve chosen to live in that sin for the last 17 years. He’s been with me through the whole journey though. Along the way we had two wonderful hellions. Our oldest is 15 and our youngest is 8. Most days I love the age gap but you could ask me on a random day and I would also say I hate it. Having one in high school and the other in elementary keeps me guessing what schedule I’m on. As a family we get into things like camping, going to the beach when life permits traveling, boat/car racing events and also a good lunch or dinner out. My daughter and I enjoy a good girls day out shopping, going to a play , hanging with friends and who doesn’t love getting their nails done. My Teenager never leaves the house if he can help it!! But when I can get him out of his room and off the net we usually have some pretty good conversations.

As we get to know each other it will come out that I’m kinda geeky and nerdy too. I love a good card or table top game, I’m a Star Wars freak but not the Disney ones, I’m an old school kind of girl. You’ll hear a wide range of music in the studio cause I love anything from The Band to Missy Elliot. My favorite movies are Dirty Dancing, The Beauty and The Beast ( yes Disney,lol ), Texas Chainsaw massacre and Urban Cowboy.