Hey There…



I’m Lauren and I believe a good salon visit isn’t just how you look it’s also how you feel. It’s about more than a quick trim and good hair colorin’ ( I can also take care of those brows).  At Twisted Scissors it’s about the atmosphere, the vibes and relationships. When you walk through my doors I want you to feel relaxed and know that you’re getting more than a stylish refresh or a new look. You’re getting a new stylist , a service provider , good listener but most of all a new friend.

As a color specialist I want you to feel free and good to make a bold change like a bright blonde ,  keep that low-maintenance lived in balayage but with a spice or maybe you’re an in and out person and we keep it simple with a wonderfully rich shiny all over color. After you tell me what you want or are ready and willing to try  we’ll tackle today’s or this week’s problems as well.There’s a lot of truth behind the saying “hair therapy” and you’ll see I’m here for more than your hair goals I’m here for your milestones as well.   


My hope is that whether you are sitting in my chair, scrolling through my IG feed or just booking your next appointment you’ll feel good about your choice for me to be your hair stylist.  And on a deeper level,  as soon as you leave here I sincerely want you to feel rejuvenated and like you have the world in your hands. Finding a new stylist isn’t easy, I get that and that’s why I want to make this a lasting relationship.